Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Letter

Here is the letter that I am sending to all of the people on my list that I'd like to visit. 

Before I can take ‪#‎ThisCrazyTrip‬ plan to companies that might sponsor me, I need to get okays from everyone about whether I can spend the night or take a few minutes to meet with them when I'm in their town. So, I just wrote this letter and will be messaging people with it today and tomorrow. 

In case you hadn’t heard, I’ve been planning a trip around the US. My husband, Bob, said I could do it if I could do it for free, so I’m doing a social media experiment and asking friends if I can sleep on their couch for the night. I have a tentative schedule in place with a start date of June 10th. I’m still working out many details like getting a car, asking Cracker Barrel or other restaurants for free meals on the trip, starting a Kickstarter to cover tolls and maybe gas if I can’t get it sponsored. It is a little scary and a lot of fun thinking about doing this. I’m also trying to work out a way to raise some money for Heifer International while doing this. There are still a lot of things to do before this trip can become a reality, but I’m moving forward as if it is. 
I’ve spent the past two weeks mapping out my friends list and creating a route that will get me around the US in a little over four months. 
I would like to schedule a stop to see you on __________________________. 
I do/don’t need to spend the night that night. 
Please reply and let me know if you think that date will work.
If I’m just stopping by, I can stop by an office or someplace nearby to just get together for a few minutes to an hour. 
If I’m spending the night, I don’t need much, just a couch. I’ll bring my own blanket and pillow.
I don’t drink or smoke (but don’t care if you do.) I like most kinds of food. I’m allergic to cats, but have Benadryl.
I do not want people to go to a lot of fuss, no cleaning or getting ready, ok? Just a chance to get together for a little while and smile. 
I would like to ask some questions about where you live, what are the “don’t miss” sites in your state? What are the best restaurants or places that you enjoy? And I’d like to know more about you! 
I am hoping to write about this in a blog and for NaNoWriMo in November (National Novel Writing Month), so I’ll need your signature allowing me to use your name, city (no address, just the city) and a photo. 
You can follow along at
I can’t wait to see you!!

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