Friday, January 30, 2015

Guess my first corporate sponsor!

In all of the letters I've been sending out, I've gotten several "no, thank you" letters or - in the case of McDonalds - a recommendation to check with the local McDonalds for sponsorship.  Either he clearly didn't understand what I was requesting, or he wants me to go to each McDonald's and ask for free food when I needed it.  I'm hoping that wasn't the case! LOL

So, today, I received my first YES!

I had written to Poo-Pourri.  I'm sure you've seen their commercials with the twee English girl sitting in a public bathroom dressed for a tea party and suggesting that stinking up the place just isn't done.  Their commercials make me laugh, so I wrote to them in the same vein, suggesting that in visiting 120 different people stinking up the place would make me quite unpopular  and that I really didn't want to offend that many people.  So I asked if they would send me a couple of bottles that I could take with me.

Today I got this email:

Thank you for your interest in Poo~Pourri! After reviewing your request, I would be more than happy to get some samples in your hand.  Please let me know where I should have the package delivered to. Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon! 

With all good wishes, 


WooHoo!  While it's not the most important part of my trip, it might be an essential item I don't wish to do without! :)  I even asked if they wanted me to return them should the trip not end up happening and they said no, that I could keep them. Yay!

Thanks Poo-Pourri!

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