Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Donuts and How my brain works...

When Bob and I went to Maine last year, we stopped at a Triple D restaurant called Grover's in East Amhearst, NY for a burger.  While we were there, we saw an advertisement for a donut shop in town that made their own donuts, so we stopped by there before heading out.  They had the most delicious donuts and I've been craving a GOOD donut lately.

So today, I was showing houses in Baltimore City and was trying to find a donut shop on Yelp.  They were giving me Chinese food restaurants and all kinds of stuff that was not what I was looking for, so I quit looking.  As I was driving back to the office, I was on I-95 heading south and saw Laurel listed on the directional signs.  This is my internal monologue after that point:

Hmmm, the Laurel exit is coming up.
That's not far from LaBoulangerie! (A French bakery in Savage Mill)
Oooh, I'd like a croissant. Or some French Bread! mmm. Maybe they'll have a pastry still.
Yeah, I think I'll go over there and get something.

Then I realized that my exit was next and Laurel exit was still five miles further....

Wow. Do I REALLY want to drive five more miles to spend money I don't have, to eat calories I don't need?
No... not really.  Guess I'll skip it.  Rats.

I take my exit and decide that I'll just head over to the office instead of going home so I can take care of some paperwork...

Hey!  La Madeleine is right by the office and they have croissants!


Every time I think about taking this trip, I have these wonderful ideas about all of the places that I'll stop and see, all of the photos I'll take of the neat things/pretty scenery that are along the road. Then I remember how my brain works and I wonder if I'll even remember to take pictures?  Sometimes this ADD-addled brain makes me a little nuts.

So, how's your day going? :)

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